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Pioneer Youth Orgernization for Sri Lanken Youth

Existence of a multi talented, discipline and dynamic youth population in a country is always considered a treasure which helps development of the particular country. As such every country gives a special recognition for the country’s youth. Sri Lanka too places utmost importance on the country’s youth to achieve her ambitious development targets in social and economic spheres.

Hence, Youth of Sri Lanka are also having an undertaking for economic and social upliftment of the country. It is important to inculcate self reliance in youths and directing them towards winning over those goals. The National Youth Services Council in Sri Lanka has been established with the aim of guiding the Sri Lankan youth in the proper direction to enable them to empower themselves to the fullest potential while contributing to nation’s prosperity.

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Youwn Puraya

Apr 01, 2016 at 4.:00 PMSpecial projects division

sports Festival .

38 Youth awards

Dec 25, 2015 at 6:00 PMMain Halll NYSC, Maharagama.

Youth award program will be held on Dec 25 2015 at the Main Auditorium

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